2x NUK Dummy Pacifier "Disney", Silicone, 0-6M, Anatomical, Silicone Green/White

8,99 €

The heart shape of the NUK pacifier shield was specially designed for a comfortable fit to baby’s face to prevent irritation. The shield curves down at the top under your baby’s nose so that nose is clear for breathing. The concave shield fits to your baby’s face and rounds off at the bottom so that the pacifier does not hang over the chin.
* 2 Pack

* BPA Free
* Dishwasher safe
* Orthodontic niple
* Available in 100% silicone

We ship worldwide! 

Product details

1. True orthodontic shape nipple – naturally fits baby’s mouth

2. Integrated channels – less palate pressure

3. Scoop nipple cavity – maximizes tongue movement

4. Same heart-shaped shield – prevents irritation

5. Thin neck – less jaw pressure

  • weight: 49g


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