AVENT PHILIPS - SCF176/18 Fashion Soothers 6-18M, Silicone, Orthodontic & BPA-Free, 2-pack BLUE

Babies suckle to calm themselves. For babies with a strong need to suck beyond feeding, a soother can help to relax your baby. All babies are unique and different and we offer a wide range of soother sizes, shapes and colours. PHILIPS AVENT soothing products give your little one the comfort and support they need to develop naturally every step of the way.

* BPA Free

* Dishwasher safe

* Orthodontic niple

* Available in 100% silicone

We ship worldwide! 

Product details

Five Advantages Over Common Pacifier: 

1. Promotes natural suckling 

2. Lightweight

3. Orthodontic and soft silicone teat

4. Comfots your baby

5. Easy for little hands to grab

  • weight: 73g


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