LOVI "FOLLOW THE RABBIT" - 2x Pacifier Physiological, Silicone + Clip Holder, BLUE/ PINK (0-3m+)

10,99 €
  • 2 x Dynamic soother

  • 2 x Soother cover

  • 1 x Clip Holder

  • Dynamic silicone rubber

  • Profiled shield

  • Openings in shield

  • Comfortable grip

  • Hygiene cover

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Product details

  • Does not disturb the natural suckling reflex
  • Prevents the reflex of biting the soother
  • Ensures easy breathing and swallowing of saliva
  • It does not disturb normal development of speech and bite patterns
  • Profiled shape enables easy breathing through nose. Made of safe material (BPA free).
  • Made of non-homogeneous silicone layer, it enlongates and contracts according to baby's suckling rhythm. Rubber's symetrical shape reflects breast nipple shape.
  • Openings in shield ensures easy flow of air and do not irritate gentle child's skin.
  • Comfortable grip facilitates gripping and offering the soother to the baby.
  • Hygiene cover protects soother from getting dirt.
  • weight: 90g


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