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Our Story

As babies and toddlers, our children would not go anywhere without a pacifier. They had tons of them. But finding the right pacifier was constantly a challenge. Stores offered limited choices with only a few models and certain brands, and after some time our children refused the pacifiers that were available.  Plus, it took time to go to the store to buy them.
We realized there was a need for a one-stop shop where parents could choose from a wide selection of safe, comfortable and unique pacifiers and accessories, as well as get advice to help decide which pacifiers were best for their children.
World of Pacifiers was born.
At World of Pacifiers we strive to carry as many brands as possible under one “roof,” saving time so you do not have to browse the internet or leave home to go shopping. We carry brands that may be rare or impossible to find in your country. We ship our products around the globe, opening up a world of options. 
Currently we have approximately 700 pacifier and clip models, with new brands and styles continually added. We will soon add bottles to our collection. It looks very nice if a child has a bottle, clip and pacifier that are part of a matching set.
Whether you are looking for pacifiers for girls or boys, a specific style or brand, we have the widest selection of pacifiers and matching accessories in one convenient location.
Thank you for visiting World of Pacifiers. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.
Marianna and Iveta